Interfax Traduzioni is a company that provides integrated linguistic services in all European languages and major non-EU languages.

All our clients' projects are handled by a single Project Manager. Together with the Client this person will decide and co-ordinate the entire work: choose a translator (depending on the language combination, topic and requirements of the client). 

The Project Manager also checks the quality of the translation, ensures that the work is delivered on time, co-ordinates all communication and provides any necessary support after the translation has been delivered.

Being an open and flexible organisation, we invest heavily in I.T. Our translators use the most up-to-date translation memory software, including Trados Studio.

For highly specialised translations and according to terminological references provided by the Client, we develop glossaries of specific terms in addition to traditional translation tools to ensure maximum conformity and quality.

We also keep a comprehensive archive of all the work we carry out. This facilitates translation at a lower cost if the original document simply needs to be reviewed.

Each REQUEST is carefully and individually assessed and a free no-obligation estimate is sent to the Client. 

CONTACT us to receive an estimate within 24 hours. 

Thanks to an integrated organisation and I.T. we can satisfy your requests expeditiously, even for high volumes of work. 

Since commercial communication is increasingly becoming of vital importance for all the world economies multilingual translations are essential to a company's success.


INTERFAX Traduzioni

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